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Alright this was made so we all in the work of SAW can see what happens in the filming we are making. This is more of the background of the story so you all have a better picture of whats going on and what will happen. All who doesn't work here, well you're going to waste your free time reading this.

Alright, it all starts with Alexander dueling someone named Jack, (I do not know if his identity is know at this moment. Most probable not.) The duel seems to be going Alexanders way, until Jack makes a comeback and wins the duel. Jack is after a rare card that Alexander has hold of for now. Not really willing to give it but a deal is a deal. But when Alexander was going to give Jack the card, something looking like a burning asteroid  comes between them. Not only does it fly away, it also caught Alexander.

Alexander lands somewhere unknown to him. Then the flaming thing lands and reveals a man walking towards Alexander. Not knowing what just happened Alexander thanked him for he thought the man did it to help him. But the man did it so he could get hold of the rare card as well. Alexander refuses and tells the man that he needs to duel him and win the card. The man insisting on Alexander giving him the card, unwillingly accepts to duel. He also warns Alexander that he won't go easy on him. Alexander having his confidence in himself is not worried. But the duel went bad... very bad. The man somehow makes the monsters become real, there for the attacks are painful and harmful. Alexander ends up on the ground unconscious. The man gets hold of the card, but just when he is about to leave Jack, in a green light comes and want the card, the man starts to fly with jack after him. While Alexander lies down on the ground, a mystic dark figure appears in front of him.

Jack succeeds in stopping the man from escaping him. They land somewhere in the forest and starts dueling, thou the match is rather even, Jack ends up losing.

Alright this is as far as our filming has come... well sort of. Anyway now for more background. You see the rare card A has is an Xyz monster, and the Xyz monsters have evil influence on who ever plays with them. Which was the reason the man stop A from giving it to J. However for some unknown reason A isn't effected by them. The reason the man can fly is because of the "magic powers" his cards have giving him. Depending on your dueling and spirit for the game, the more "magic power" one gets. It also depends on if you have a guardian with in you. It kind of like the relationship between a soul reaper and its sanpacto. The guardian is a duel monster that guards you from evil forces, among other things. However the dark figure takes away duels spirits of duelist and turns the into malefic. A's was red eyes black dragon, the mans was both blue eyes and stardust, J's was cyber end.
"The mans" (we know him better as darthhelmet.) guardian is consecrated light. A (aka stardash) later gains stardust as guardian. Now for more of a brief preview of what happens next. Kai meets the man and defeats him, but the man escapes. Not before Kai makes the two cards into malefic. His influence turned A into a zombie. J defeats him and A turns normal. The man needs A's help and start teaching him  how to use the powers. While Kai contacts J and makes a offer to defeat the man with his help.

Here are the tasks that we need to decide together. And you all need to say something! 1. darth wants only the numbers to be harmful, like in the series. I for one thinks it should be all Xyz monsters, number or not. We need to vote, and darth please comment the reason for it only to be numbers, for I can not bring your words into full light. And we can... well, we can debate on it. The groups decision will be final. 2. Jack and Kai needs to decide a guardian, please comment and so we all can agree on it, can't see why we wouldn't but you know, just encase. 3. darth needs a name. I know he is working on it, but I will not let the pressure go! Jack don't you dare bring the bulldozer when i'm talking!


Current Residence: Sweden
Favourite genre of music: Metal
Favourite cartoon character: Yusei / Kira Yamato

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